Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time to crush!

I've quit my job, after working for 6 months as a 'Consultant Electrical Engineer'. I handed in my notice on the last day of my probation period so I could give one weeks notice rather than 4, tbh I was that desperate to get outta there! It was a pretty tough decision as my life roll is low and my bankroll non-existent (i'm staked atm) but for various reasons I felt it had to be done.

I have about enough of a life roll to survive on til the end of the year, and if I haven't banked any profit from playing low-mid stakes mtt's for my backer by then I will be looking for another job. So not the best of circumstances under which to 'go pro' obviously but that's the way it's presented itself and I see it as an opportunity rather than anything else.

I knew early on in the job that I could either be a very good engineer or a very good poker player and that if I tried to be both I would likely be a mediocre version of both (or have no life at all!). So I knew I had to choose.

You might ask why didn't I stick at the job until I'd built up a bigger life roll through saving wages and or poker. I considered that but I didn't choose to because basically I couldn't hack it any longer, the combination of working 37.5 hrs a week in front of a screen doing mentally challenging things at work and then spending 20+ hrs a week doing the same at home playing mtt's til the early hrs was becoming increasingly unhealthy and the two were affecting each other negatively. My work was suffering as I dragged myself in after late nights playing mtts and my game was suffering as I was tilting easier and blowing off steam when I came in from work. In recent weeks I had decided to keep my sessions to the weekends but that tilted me more, because I was having no social life at all!

Despite all this I've managed to turn a profit of around $3k (b4 split) in my staking deal which has been going for 2 months now. Which is a decent start but I feel I can do a lot better under different circumstances and with more volume. So at the end of the day I decided although not the best timing it was right for me to leave the job a.s.a.p. to concentrate on poker full-time. What will I do if I run out of life funds and the results don't come, we'll see... but whilst I hope it doesn't come to that I am not averse to working in any job I can find, if I have to.

That's my jacking in a good job justification rant over! In other news I'm in Ireland, near Cork, atm with my Aussie family who are over for a visit. Just arrived today but it's been nice catching up with them so far :) They've been trying to persuade me to move back over to Oz and I'm considering it but I need to think about it carefully first. Future blog posts about that decision I'm sure.

For now I'm gunna enjoy a week away from the tables to reset my body clock a bit and enjoy spending time with the 'rellies'. When I get back it'll be time to crush!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Time for a change!

Since I last posted I've started a new staking deal with a Canadian 2+2er. I've been part his stable for about a month now and have had 2 FT's. One of those was a $3k score for 1st in the $11 1r/1a. Overall however I don't think I'm playing my best poker which I feel is largely due to the fact I'm struggling to balance working full time, play some decent volume and have a social life!

In fact I am noticing that when I start a session the idea that I'm using my rare free time to play is tilting me. So I've decided to look for a part time job and if/when I find one, hand in my notice at work. This has not been an easy decision by any means as it is a good job and pays well. But my enthusiasm for it from day 1 has been low and I don't think that's changing any time soon.

So my plan is to find a 16-30hr part time job to pay the bills and continue playing for my staker on the side. I have worked out I can survive doing this for 6 months whether or not I manage to cash out anything from my staking deal. If all goes well however and I manage to cash out a few times then I can consider using that money to go travelling again.

At the end of the day I have realised that a full time professional job does not combine well with an mtt career and I really need to do one or the other to be sucessful, and reamin sane! GL me!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

UKIPT day 2

After settling in at my first table and chipping up to 46k I was promptly moved to another. On the second hand I played I raised the button with K7o and was flatted by the SB. On a flop of Axx rainbow the SB donk lead into me for around 3/4 pot, which in my experience is usually weakness trying to prevent a c-bet. So I raise and he promptly sets me all-in... sigh insta-muck.

A couple of rounds after the blinds are up to 500/1000/100 and I have 28k. I pick up AKs in ep and raise to 2.3x, a young player who seems pretty aggro pre 3-bets me from MP. It folds to me and he has about 18bbs behind so I realise he isn't folding and know it's going in - I shove and he calls off with TT, no help. My last 3bbs goes in with KQo vs A3o and again no help, so I'm sent to the rail within 2hrs of day 2.

Thanks to all my backers and well played to all those who made the money from the NPF.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

UKIPT day 1

Got a mention on the Pokerstars UKIPT blog:

"A special mention should go out to William Poulsen who made our call of the day with queen-high on a A♦3♣4♣4♥4♦ board after Alan Corrigan tried to bluff the river. Poulsen made Day 2 and will be a player that we'll be keeping an eye on."

"William Poulsen, the bluff catcher"

Finished day 1 with 33.3k (about average for day 1a). Day 2 starts in 3 hours, blinds at 400/800/100 and 1 hour levels all the way through, so plenty to work with :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bet your all wondering if your gunna get nit-rolled here? Will 'dapperdan' Poulsen playin a £550 LIVE event?? Have they stopped holdin $26f's on tilt??


Official nit-roll:

To cut a long story short I've been thinking for some time about takin a live shot and what better oppurtunity than the UKIPT comin right to my doorstep?

So I've decided to prepare by playin as much live poker as possible b4 Thursday 16th June when I'll be playing day 1a. The things I want to focus on over the next cupl of weeks are mainly learning to judge peoples stack sizes without having to ask! As well as remembering what has gone into the pot before the action is back on me so I don't have to try and count it.

If I can get a handle on that and generally get a bit more comfortable in a live setting, I will feel ready to take on this 4 day marathon, the biggest BI trny I've ever played.

Watch this space for an update on how the prep is going and then twitter (see right >>) for live updates from 16th June 2pm. GL :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weeeeeeeeeeee!!! $6k GTD shipped :D

1st 4 figure score in what feels like ages and to top it off it was a 1st :D GET IINNNNN!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All Change

Hi all,

In the world of Pokerz:

• Online poker banned in USA - Although I feel sympathetic to the large amount of grinders out there who’ve had their livelihoods taken from them, a part of me is pleased to see those regs leave my tables. Selfish I know, but poker never was the most altruistic game.

There’s a lot of debate about whether this will make the games softer or not, but I don’t read too much into the speculation personally. As far as I’m concerned the key is to analyze the differences at the tables, not on the forums. That said, my feeling so far is the games are softer if you can adjust to the wilder European style. Regs also seem easier to identify (in MTT’s) because there’s a smaller pool of them now so you can remember who they are easier (not easy while playing low volume at low-mid stakes MTT’s where fields are large).

• NPF is no more – My local poker forum (Newcastle Poker Forum) recently closed it’s doors. I’ve been a member there for about 2 years now I think and have come to know many of the regular posters both online and in person. I also recently received their ‘online player of the year award’ something I was very proud to be presented with. I don’t understand the reasons behind it personally as I’m not one to keep up with internal politics but either way it’s a shame.

On the bright side a new forum has sprung up almost immeadiately called North East Poker Forum -

Despite all this I’ve been playing a bit more recently as I settle into the routine at work, I’m able to have a few late nights here and there playing mainly turbo MTT’s. No binks since I started the job over a month ago but a few near misses. I’m also completing a stake from a few players on the NPF to play 3 multi-entry MiniFTOPS events on consecutive Sundays. The stake amounted to $520 and allows me to play events: #1, #24 and the Main Event. So far I’ve played Event #1 and didn’t cash, in part thanks to losing a big pot with AK vs AQ AIPF near the bubble.

Will keep y’all updated with my MiniFTOPS results etc, GL!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where's my head at?

I'm now 1 month into my new job and tbh I'm not sure whether it's workin out 4 me yet. Working as a 'consultant engineer' is very different to any job I've done b4 with the main difference being the level of professionalism required. Rockin up half cut or tired from a night spent online chasing 5 figure scores is just not acceptable and sumthin I just can't pull off.

It's got 2 major things goin for it tho that I wouldn't get in any other job and that's a decent salary (low varience 2) and it's the start of a career path. However these 2 things aren't necessarily what I'm after just now. Because last year I made a similar amount playing mtt's at fairly low volume compared to most pros. Secondly I'm really not sure if I'm ready for this career path thing. But that's another issue.

Other than that life's ok, I've been cycling to work and in general the structure is doing me good, as is having a garunteed amount of money in my account each month tbh.

What about poker though??? Well, I don't think I'm playing my best just now. I was reflecting last night on this after busting a 250 man $55f in 18th when I called a reg's 1.5x pot overshove on the turn with 2nd pair, 3rd kicker - he had top 2 btw. I came to the conclusion I'm suffering from self inflicted burn out. It's not so much that I've been playing daft amounts of volume or even running bad, it's basically because I've been neglecting other things and as such I'm blaming poker rather than myself.

I forsee this continuing for awhile and my play being affected too, so I need some kind of damage limitation measures in place:

1. Be aware of this attitude and it's causes.
2. Make time for the things I've neglected e.g. fitness + enjoyin the nice weather.
3. Set a monthly stop loss limit for poker from wages. To prevent any tilt snowball effects.
4. Consider giving online a break and playing solely live in preperation for UKIPT Newcastle.

In terms of number 2 I'm seeing a personal trainer on Thursday for an introductory session. If that goes well I will make the +ev investment of employing him for 6 weeks to kick start me getting back into the gym & eating right etc.

As for 3 & 4 I'm seriously considering setting a £200 stop loss per week for playing live cash games and giving online a rest. The idea would be to play £50NL a few nights a week, more on whether I decide to do this later.

Anyways I think I've made your ears bleed enuf for now if u've got this far!!! Thanks for listening and as ever your opinions are appreciated. see you on the tables soon! GL :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Yesterday was the the NPF 3rd Anniversary trny and awards. It was a very proud moment for me as I received the award for 'online player of the year' :)

As I discussed with 'Apokerlypse' after he received his award for 'live player of the year' recognition becomes more important in poker the more you detach yourself from the money. Peronally I almost take greater satisfaction from 'bragging' about my wins to a couple of trusted mates and the online poker community than the cash itself. Which is represented by numbers on a screen that never tell the full story as they're constantly changing.

Today I also played 17 mtt's staked by 'Stumpy' on the NPF. It was decent session lasting 8 hrs but despite cashing four times I didn't manage to break even, such is poker though :)

That's all for now, will post up when I have more to say. GL.

Friday, 25 March 2011

So I havn't blogged for a while, why?

1) I got a job
2) I havn't had a 4 figure score since the last $3r chop
3) I'm lazy

Just as I was settling down to my first properly organised session after deciding to take a shot at 'going pro' I recieved an email from the Engineering consultancy I did my 1 year 'work placement with. 2 weeks later a recieve an offer to work for them as a 'Consultant Engineer'. So I decided to bite the bullet and take the job, putting poker firmlyon the back burner. Basically if I were to turn down such an offer I would be mental, so I took it.

Prior to starting I booked to go to Barcelona to see my friend who I went travelling with in Spain. He had stayed there when I headed to Oz and found a job as an Au-pair (looking after somones kid/s whilst living with the family). By the time I went to see him he was in his second job in a mansion with a very wealthy family. My week there was fun, seeing both the day and night life of Barca. We visited everything from Gaudi buildings to nightclubs & casinos.

Fast-forward to now and I've been working for 2 weeks. The job is interesting and varied and the people are friendly. As for poker, like i said it's on a back burner, MTT's are simply too time consuming to put in any decent volume whilst working 9-5. I've had a stab at 6-max cash but gotten my fingers burnt playing 15k hands of $25NL - $100NL. I need to do a lot of work i think to adjust my game to the many differences of this format.

I'll leave you with a fun hand I played last nite at Aspers (50p/50p blinds):

hero raises to £3.50 UTG with AA
4 players flat call

flop: K7K

Hero checks, check, check, bet £5, fold, hero calls, fold, fold.

on the turn: K7KK

Hero leads £10, call.

River: K7KK7

Hero leads £25...

the guy tanks for about 2 mins saying cant believe im gunna fold... then calls with: 77

Thursday, 17 February 2011

$3r $40k GTD 3-way deal :D :D :D

This mornin I made my first ever $3r FT on stars :D I've been playing these trnys for sooooo long, yet despite their softness and ease of building a good stack in the rebuy period I've been frustrated by never FTing one tbh.

So I was extremely chuffed with the above $4k score which came about via a 3 way ICM chop. I should really have had twice as many chips and therfore the same payout as 2nd ($4377) but somehow I managed to try a big bluff for all of my opponents chips (half of mine) just as the moderator appeared to discuss 'numbers'. I put that down mainly to tiredness as it was 11am and I hadn't slept yet (lessons to be learnt there).

In other news my extremly short attempt at 'going pro' may end v.soon as I have an interview with an electrical engineering company 2moro :) More news on this to follow after the interview. Today though was a day for celebration! So I've been drinking and hangin out with mates etc. all day :)

Almost forgot to mention I've had a couple of lessons with Poker Pwnage coaches lately (Tony Gurerra and 'HerschelW') which I've really enjoyed! I won these through an internal promotion 'trny' held each week by the site and have 1 more comining up. As well as this I'm in a couple of HH review groups that I will be trying to attend more regularly.

Friday, 4 February 2011

100th Post: 3 Month Plan

I have now moved into my new flat with a friend and I'm planning to get into some better lifestyle habbits. So even if the attempt at 'going pro' on a limited BR falls thru some important life changes will have been implemented. Here's the 3 month plan:


Sunday - Thursday (Register from 1pm-4pm)


Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (before I start a session)

Cycle to the gym

Healthy eating

Light breakfast b4 exercise

Lunch - cook healthy substantial meal

Dinner - Have healthy snacks for when working late + leftovers from lunchtime

This is my initial plan but it is flexible so long as I maintain a healthy lifestyle and reasnable working hours. This lifestlye change is long overdue tbh and I'm determined to make it happen over the next 3 months. Hopefully it might even improve my poker 2!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Let the games begin!!!

I will be taking the plunge and moving into a flat on Thursday with a mate of mine. I have set aside 3 months rent + living expenses. Once I've sold a few things this will leave me with a BR of about $4k which is a lot less than I wanted for 'going pro'. However, I reckon this is a rare oppurtunity to give poker a shot properly which would be a lot harder to do if I was settled into a job!

So basically I'll be living cheaply and preying for some more of pattented 'run good' over the next 3 months. If my shouts of HOLD!!! at the screen work then maybe a longterm career might develop... Time will tell :)

Oh forgot to mention for those who are interested I will be playing MTT's (maybe some 90 mans too and using a 1% BRM rule, aggressive BRM I know but it's a go big or go home (litterally) plan!

Monday, 17 January 2011

I like January!!!!!!!!!

Final hand JJ vs QQ.

It has been an awesome month indeed!!!

Nearly forgot to mention had another FT the otha day in a $33f where I came 6th for $750 and won $150 coaching voucher the next day. 1 hour with Tony Guererra me thinks :)

Monday, 10 January 2011

2010 Roundup / 2011 Goals

2010 Achievments

Completed my Electrical/Electronic Engineering Degree, got a 2ii with honours.

Had my first ever year with decent profit to time spent ratio, with $20k profit.

Travelled in Spain, Morocco and Australia for 4 months.

2010 Shortcomings

Didn't get as high a grade as I was capable of at Uni (partly due to poker).

Managed my winnings poorly (cashing out 2 much)

Health and fitness could be better

2011 Goals

Find a job a.s.a.p. (I've decided that I don't have enuf in the bank to go pro comfortbly and I think comfort is important for your game etc.)

Get fit

Continue to pwn online MTT's

Consider the BR and living costs savings required to go pro. Atm I have a feeling that $20k BR and 3 months living expenses would be ok.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ship the $5 2r/1a for $6.1k weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

2011 gettin off to a great start :D Will be postin my 2011 goals and 2010 review v.soon... just got to work out what my goals are lol!

Spoiler: it's probly gunna involve gettin a job...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

4-way deal for $2.2k

Chopped this after they asked to chop it 5-ways but I refused. By the time it was 4 ways the remaing players were pretty good imo and I was the shorty so I accepted an ICM chop.

2010 recap/2011 goals coming soon. Had a great New Years and xmas, hope y'all did too!