Thursday, 17 February 2011

$3r $40k GTD 3-way deal :D :D :D

This mornin I made my first ever $3r FT on stars :D I've been playing these trnys for sooooo long, yet despite their softness and ease of building a good stack in the rebuy period I've been frustrated by never FTing one tbh.

So I was extremely chuffed with the above $4k score which came about via a 3 way ICM chop. I should really have had twice as many chips and therfore the same payout as 2nd ($4377) but somehow I managed to try a big bluff for all of my opponents chips (half of mine) just as the moderator appeared to discuss 'numbers'. I put that down mainly to tiredness as it was 11am and I hadn't slept yet (lessons to be learnt there).

In other news my extremly short attempt at 'going pro' may end v.soon as I have an interview with an electrical engineering company 2moro :) More news on this to follow after the interview. Today though was a day for celebration! So I've been drinking and hangin out with mates etc. all day :)

Almost forgot to mention I've had a couple of lessons with Poker Pwnage coaches lately (Tony Gurerra and 'HerschelW') which I've really enjoyed! I won these through an internal promotion 'trny' held each week by the site and have 1 more comining up. As well as this I'm in a couple of HH review groups that I will be trying to attend more regularly.

Friday, 4 February 2011

100th Post: 3 Month Plan

I have now moved into my new flat with a friend and I'm planning to get into some better lifestyle habbits. So even if the attempt at 'going pro' on a limited BR falls thru some important life changes will have been implemented. Here's the 3 month plan:


Sunday - Thursday (Register from 1pm-4pm)


Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (before I start a session)

Cycle to the gym

Healthy eating

Light breakfast b4 exercise

Lunch - cook healthy substantial meal

Dinner - Have healthy snacks for when working late + leftovers from lunchtime

This is my initial plan but it is flexible so long as I maintain a healthy lifestyle and reasnable working hours. This lifestlye change is long overdue tbh and I'm determined to make it happen over the next 3 months. Hopefully it might even improve my poker 2!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Let the games begin!!!

I will be taking the plunge and moving into a flat on Thursday with a mate of mine. I have set aside 3 months rent + living expenses. Once I've sold a few things this will leave me with a BR of about $4k which is a lot less than I wanted for 'going pro'. However, I reckon this is a rare oppurtunity to give poker a shot properly which would be a lot harder to do if I was settled into a job!

So basically I'll be living cheaply and preying for some more of pattented 'run good' over the next 3 months. If my shouts of HOLD!!! at the screen work then maybe a longterm career might develop... Time will tell :)

Oh forgot to mention for those who are interested I will be playing MTT's (maybe some 90 mans too and using a 1% BRM rule, aggressive BRM I know but it's a go big or go home (litterally) plan!