Friday, 12 May 2017

On a heater

I chopped the Big $44 25k GTD on Pokerstars this morning for $4k heads up. The tournament had 730 runners and a prizepool of $29,200. Coming onto the Final Table as the short stack I did not fancy my chances too much. David Vamplew was the runnaway chip leader and set about opening every pot he could only to have to fold to multiple rejams once it became clear what he was doing. I doubled through him more than once including a pot for the chiplead where my AKs beat his 99 AIPF and his bust hand where he open limped A7o in the SB and I shoved 20bbs with 33 which won.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

He's Back!!!

It's been a long time coming... I haven't had a 4 figure score in years (partially due to not playing a lot) but my second biggest ever makes up for it :) Today I finished 4th out of 10,000+ runners in a SCOOP $5 rebuy event for $8k. Of course I wanted that bracelet but I played my best game and thoroughly enjoyed this tourney which ran over 2 days. The final hand for me saw my ATo lose to AKo AIPF but I can't say I wasn't lucky throughout this monster of a field. A special shoutout to Darren Knaggs who railed me on the FT after busting somewhere in the top 100 finishers on day 2. BOOOYAKASHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!