Sunday, 28 June 2009

End of an era

My letter to Bankroll Supply about why I have decided to leave:

Dear Paul and Peter,

I have come to a very difficult decision to leave Bankroll Supply. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and the support and tuition I have received over the last 3 months. However the following reasons have lead me to make my decision:

  • 50 STT's a week is currently beyond my capabilities.
  • When I return from my holiday I will be completing my final year of university, during which 100% of my grade is determined. Therefore this is likely to still be a problem.
  • As can be seen from filtering my Sharkscope results my STT results at the $10/$20 level have been poor. It is my MTT results that have kept me break even.
  • I can't expect you to take me on as an MTT player as I doubt I could play a high enough volume of these.
  • To be honest poker has begun to change from being a fun hobby to something that is more like work. I think this is in part due to me losing my interest in STT's and prefering to play MTT's, something I cannot expect you to support for the above reasons.

I hope you appreciate that my main reason for leaving is a question of prioritising my education before poker and not a reflectionof the BRS team or way of doing things. I wish you all well in the future.


William Poulsen.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

STT's or MTT's?

OK so I know I said I wouldn't post nemore graphs, but f**k it this my blog lol. The graph on the left is my SNG grpah since I joined Bankroll Supply (my sponsor) and the graph on the right is my MTT graph. Now I know the samples are small (especially the MTT one!) but...

I'm starting to wonder if this is an indication of the types of games I should be playing. At the moment my deal is that I play 200 STT's a month (which I'm struggling with atm due to a long commute) and 1 $10/$15 freezeout MTT a day. But my results over the last 3 months in STT's have knocked my confidence as a SNG player whilst the reverse has been true with MTT's.

Also I feel atm that, and I hesitate to say this, my main interest lies with MTT's, perhaps due to the formulaic nature of STT play. The obvious solution would be to play both and use my STT winnings to supplement the MTT downswings as many Bankroll players do. However as you can see from the graphs atm it is working the other way around!

The main problem remains however that my sample is simply too small to make a judgement and so perhaps I should give it more time??? All opinions appreciated!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monthly Update

This month I finished about $80 up. It's not a lot but two sucessive months in profit is good enough for me :) and hopefully for Bankroll Supply too.

I have also been talking to my mentor and we've agreed that for now I stick to playing a maximum of one $10 or $15 freezeout MTT per day. I think this should improve my profit in the coming months as I had been playing a few too many lately.

On my first day of this rule being set I played a 416 man $10 freezeout and came 4th :D I attribute this result to the new book I'm reading called "Poker Tournament Formula" by Arnold Snyder ( that was recommended to me by my mentor. This book has been a revelation to me for playing small buy-in fast structured MTT's!!! I have only read about 1/3 of the book I am loving it so far and will continue to experiment with his aggressive strategies!

That's all for now really, I've resisted the urge to post another sharkscope graph this month... Off to Australia then Vegas soon, Can't wait!!! :D

Thursday, 11 June 2009


The title says it all really, looks like I'm off to Vegas in August!!! The plan so far is to do a 2 week trip starting in Denver, Colorado and finishing in San Fransisco. I'm also planning on stopping in the Grand Canyon and possibly New York on the way home :D

I won't have much money to spend but I've been told that Vegas is very cheap (apart from the gambling of corse). Plus I've just found a website that has a listing of all tournaments in Vegas ( so will be hitting a few of those!

This trip will be on my way back from Australia where I am visiting my family next month, so a terrible Summer ahead for me :D. Enough smugness for now, wish me luck in Vegas baby!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Final Table :D

Final Tabled the $7 rebuy on Mansion the other day. Went on to the final table 3rd in chips and very close to 2nd and 1st. So you can imagine I was somewhat pleased to see KK as my first hand...

I'm in MP and the chip leader raises form EP. I reraise to 2.5x his raise. It folds around and he re-raises to 2.5x my raise! What's going through my mind:

"It's the first hand of the final table and he's 4 betting a stack that can destroy him! At this level I reckon this pretty much means AA, KK or QQ. But am I ever folding KK pre-flop in a tourney???"

Obviously the answer was no I'm not and so I 5 bet all-in and he calls with AA :( Nowt I could do I suppose. So I finished 10th out of 333 runners for about $100, not quite the $1.6k for first but a good result none the less :)