Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monthly Update

This month I finished about $80 up. It's not a lot but two sucessive months in profit is good enough for me :) and hopefully for Bankroll Supply too.

I have also been talking to my mentor and we've agreed that for now I stick to playing a maximum of one $10 or $15 freezeout MTT per day. I think this should improve my profit in the coming months as I had been playing a few too many lately.

On my first day of this rule being set I played a 416 man $10 freezeout and came 4th :D I attribute this result to the new book I'm reading called "Poker Tournament Formula" by Arnold Snyder (http://www.pokertournamentformula.com) that was recommended to me by my mentor. This book has been a revelation to me for playing small buy-in fast structured MTT's!!! I have only read about 1/3 of the book I am loving it so far and will continue to experiment with his aggressive strategies!

That's all for now really, I've resisted the urge to post another sharkscope graph this month... Off to Australia then Vegas soon, Can't wait!!! :D

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