Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Another Final Table :D

Final Tabled the $7 rebuy on Mansion the other day. Went on to the final table 3rd in chips and very close to 2nd and 1st. So you can imagine I was somewhat pleased to see KK as my first hand...

I'm in MP and the chip leader raises form EP. I reraise to 2.5x his raise. It folds around and he re-raises to 2.5x my raise! What's going through my mind:

"It's the first hand of the final table and he's 4 betting a stack that can destroy him! At this level I reckon this pretty much means AA, KK or QQ. But am I ever folding KK pre-flop in a tourney???"

Obviously the answer was no I'm not and so I 5 bet all-in and he calls with AA :( Nowt I could do I suppose. So I finished 10th out of 333 runners for about $100, not quite the $1.6k for first but a good result none the less :)

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