Wednesday, 24 June 2009

STT's or MTT's?

OK so I know I said I wouldn't post nemore graphs, but f**k it this my blog lol. The graph on the left is my SNG grpah since I joined Bankroll Supply (my sponsor) and the graph on the right is my MTT graph. Now I know the samples are small (especially the MTT one!) but...

I'm starting to wonder if this is an indication of the types of games I should be playing. At the moment my deal is that I play 200 STT's a month (which I'm struggling with atm due to a long commute) and 1 $10/$15 freezeout MTT a day. But my results over the last 3 months in STT's have knocked my confidence as a SNG player whilst the reverse has been true with MTT's.

Also I feel atm that, and I hesitate to say this, my main interest lies with MTT's, perhaps due to the formulaic nature of STT play. The obvious solution would be to play both and use my STT winnings to supplement the MTT downswings as many Bankroll players do. However as you can see from the graphs atm it is working the other way around!

The main problem remains however that my sample is simply too small to make a judgement and so perhaps I should give it more time??? All opinions appreciated!

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  1. The graph on the left, looks like the state of the economy, are you sure you're not a stockbroker in your spare time??? ;-)