Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bink Holiday

Today was a Bink Holiday! Two nights ago I won my biggest tourney yet, not in prize money, but in field size. It was a ├žn $11 freezeout with 2498 players. It was a challenging tourney, partly becaues of the external circumstances. These included:

1) Being tired after already finishing 24th in the 32k GTD earlier that day
2) Almost ditching the tourney as I was nearly persuaded to go out that night
3) Constantly having to move around the hostel to find powerpoints and free rooms
4) Being HU whhilst in the common room that I wasn´t supposed to be in at that time of night, with my drunken m8 asleep next 2 me and 2 ppl shagging in the kitchen to my left. However it was impossible to move though as my battery was low and I would´ve got blinded out!

These are the trials of a travelling poker playr I spose. Neways, as I mentioned today was a ´Bink Holiday´ so me and my m8 Tahti decided to ditch the traditional Kebab, Fries and Coke for lunch and headed for a nice resteraunt for a lush meal:

- Partridge Salad with Almonds, Dates and Parmasan.
- Iberian Ham Croquettes.
- Goats Chees, Grilled Bacon and Fried Onion on Toast.
- Baby Artichokes and Prawn Cassarolle.

Yesterday I moved into a shared flat in Malaga with some ppl we met at the Hostel. One is Danish, another English and there´s a Hawaian guy too. The English guy, who wants poker lessons, is training to be a bull fighter! He´s hopefully gunna find me some tickets 2 a fight as well! The flat has is 200 euros a month and has a class view, the only problem though is there´s no internet. So here I am in an internet cafe updating my blog and trying 2 work out if I can play poker here. Adios!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spain Part 2

2 weeks have passed and we find ourselves back in Malaga. If I were to sum up the last two weeks on the Theo's farm in a sentence it would be: 'Hot hard work in a beautiful scenic place interspersed with a challenging atmosphere'. What do I mean by 'challenging atmosphere'? Basically there were several arguments while we there including the owner having a go at us. Apparently this was commonplace though according to a family who lived on the farm. This put a bit of a downer on the whole experience tbh. However we gained a lot of experience from this this farm.

So far we´ve seen a snake, many lizards and lots of wasps. There was actually a wasp nest in our accommodation with wasps in it that liked to build cocoons in our clothes around dead spiders to feed their babies eggs on, harmless though.

One of the best things we did during our stay was go to the local village festival. It's an annual event called a ´feria´that every village has. There was singing, dancing booze and food, much fun :)

Our plan is to use the hostel in Malaga as a stepping stone to make plans about where to go next. A strong possibility is that we´ll go to the South of France to do some grape picking. The season for this begins very soon and we have a contact there to help us find work. In the meantime Tahti (my m8 who I´m travelling with) will be working part-time in the hostel and I´ll be chilling out and maybe playing a bit of poker :)