Friday, 16 October 2009

11th outta 1388 in $35k GTD pffffffffff

Too gutted to remember screenshot again! $8.5k for first, I got $300.... Becoming a specialist at just missing out on the big money lol!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Another Final Table, 6th outta 600 weeeeeee!!!

Forgot 2 take a screenshot but u can see the reult at the end of the graph :)

I havn't been playin much since I spent my bankroll recently but I just fancied a $3 rebuy on Ipoker today... 6 hours later and I'm on a Final Table Weeeeeeeee!!! I was chip leader too with 6 ppl left when I raised from the SB with KTs and got a call, no alarm bells yet cos this guy seemed to be defending his BB.

Flop is King high rainbow with no straight draws, I bet... He raises nearly all-in (he was 3rd in chips)... Now the alarm bells rang, but not loud enough!!! I think for awhile and decided top pair decent kicker is good enough to get it all-in in a BVB battle... he shows KQ, oh dear! From then on I've got an M of 3 or so I shove a couple of times and walk into a hand... game over and that "big" cash ($1000+) continues to elude me... Oh well, one fine day!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bankroll no more...

Today I blew my bankroll... on two wheels :) As I'm in my final year of University I've decided I'm spending too much time playing poker and not enough studying! So in order to kill 2 birds with one stone I bought something that will help me get fit and study more... a Charge Plug singlespeed bike :) which I've wanted for ages now but the 500 quid price tag has put me off a little...

Does this mean the death of my blog??? Hopefully not! I will still play when I have spare funds each week, either live or occasioanlly online. Also I will try to find some other topics to rant about on here, which I know my friends at least will find a lot more interesting! Watch this space...