Friday, 23 July 2010

Chopped $42k GTD HU Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Varience is my new best friend, I know we've fallen out before but we're getting along like a house on fire again! I can't believe how the last 2/3 months have gone :s As I mentioned in the last post I didn't even have a bankroll very recently, instead I was treating each buy-in as an entertainment expenditure... now I'm paying off my student loan with my earnings :D

I choppped this for $6.9k (using ICM) he got $7.5k... Basically I did not want to play HU for $3k! Probably could have squeezed an extra cupl of hundred out of the deal but was too overwhelmed to bargin!!

UNREAL is definately the word 2 describe the past few months of poker for me UNREAL

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Time to reflect and plan!




After my recent success with online MTT's and because my blog posts of late have been poor, I decided to reevaluate my results to date. With the help of sharkscope I've been able to get together these 3 graphs that show the sites I have played the vast majority of my poker on. I have played on other sites but only for relatively small amounts and and few games. As for live poker, I have been keeping records almost since I began going to the casino and overall my results are about break even, mainly due to a couple of long l8 night losing cash sessions that were balanced out by tourney scores.

To cut a long story short I've played about 2000 online tourneys on the main 3 sites I play and am about $14,000 in profit. I'd say about half of these were SNG's and later on the other half were MTT's. If it wasn't for MTT's, something I gained a taste for whilst playing for Bankroll Supply these graphs would look somewhat less dramatic!

More to the point though if it wasn't for the handful of big scores I've had lately they would look pretty depressing! However, I wouldn't have played 1000 games at the stakes I do if I hadn't continually been running deep.

In acctual fact if it hadn't been for Paul Jackson at Bankroll Supply (the company who sponsored me on the basis of 500 SNG's at the $5 level and below) I would still be grinding small stakes SNG's for a tiny hourly rate! It was Paul Jackson who persuaded me in my first few lessons with him to move up and play $20 SNG's with the odd MTT, which is when I got the bug!

My roll is now sitting at around $10k, as $4k has been spent along the way :) As such the time has come to make some decisions about my next move. I woulld love to continue with my current plan of playing tourneys between $10-$100 (i.e. max buyin of 1% of my roll) with the odd shot at a Sunday major or medium live tourney, but...
I have just completed my degree and really want to do some travelling, for which I have some savings but probably not enough.

Thinking about it now I think the best move would be this: withdraw (reluctantly lol) half of my bankroll and put this in a savings account to keep me going on my travels and until I find a job. This would still leave me with a $5k roll which would be enuf to play up to $50 tourneys which tbh above which I'm probably punching above my weight at this stage! Any advice on this decison is, as ever, appreciated :)

In summary as tempting as it is to push up the tourney ladder as fast as possible, finishing uni is a rare oppurtunity to travel b4 I get tied down to a job. On top of this realistically I should probably not get too confident and start skipping levels just because I'm doing well atm. Instead the best decision seems to be to attempt to consolidate my recent sucess by staying at the same level and taking the oppurtunity of a lifetime to see the world!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Running like GOD!!!

Special thanx 2 the NPF rail who nearly made me pmsl!!!!!! :D

What next? More/bigger MTT's - sounds like a plan!