Friday, 29 October 2010

October Summary

Below is a list of my deep/semi-deep runs on Full Tilt this month, not including tonights runs in the $3r and $50k gtd. I havn't bothered with the Stars results because they aren't v.good. But as you can see not bad considering I'm a bit patchy when it comes to volume atm.

29 Oct 10 $9,500 KO Guarantee * HENL $11 1978 185 $17
28 Oct 10 $33,000 KO Guarantee HENL $26 1780 26 $114
28 Oct 10 $10,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) HENL $11+ 750 36 $56
25 Oct 10 $33,000 KO Guarantee HENL $26 1841 174 $41
21 Oct 10 $10,500 Guarantee (Rebuy) HENL $3.30+ 1888 28 $54
21 Oct 10 $35,000 Guarantee HENL $26 1585 21 $126
15 Oct 10 $10,500 Guarantee (Rebuy) HENL $3.30+ 1723 94 $24
14 Oct 10 $18K Super Stack HENL $26 807 88 $35
11 Oct 10 $12,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) HENL $5.50+ 1056 50 $40
11 Oct 10 $9,500 KO Guarantee HENL $11 1866 173 $16

This must be the first, possibly 2nd, month in 6 or 7 that I haven't had a $1k+ score. So can't complain really. Woulda been nice to continue the run and it's a shame not to be on the 'Best of NPF's' 'achievemnt' bulletin again. I've been on every one, bar August, since May... 4 outta 5 aint bad and I think I might of been on April's if there was one! Anyways roll on Australia (leavin on Nov 2nd) and hopefully some more deep runs!

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Plan

I have come to the conclusion that I need to organise my poker playing better. What do I mean by this? Well put simply I've decided that I will only play either 3 or 4 days per week. On those days I'm happy to put in 12 hour sessions if I feel up to it, but my days off must be maintained as poker free days. The reasons behind this are that a balanced life is important for both success as a poker player and general enjoyment of life.

I recently signed up to Poker Pwnage (a training site focussing on mtt's) and watched a video called 'Optimizing your play'. In this video, GhettoFabolous, a well known v.successful mtt player, talks about the importance of remembering why we got into poker. Freedom. The flexible lifestyle that can be enjoyed by a poker player is often not taken advantage of by many pros.

Over the next two months I will be visiting family in Australia. I will be playing poker during this period but will be using my new rule of 3 - 4 days per week only. I see the next 2 months as make or break with regard to whether I can become a professional. After paying off my Student loan and travelling for two months my roll is down to around $3k. So the next couple of months is gunna have to see a heater almost as good as the one I went on before I went travelling.

So in order to increase my chances of such a run I will be trying to put in more volume with the help of 'Table Ninja', initally playing 6 tables and hopefully more once I feel comfortable. Combining this with a more balanced lifestyle and watching 1 training video per day I hope I can build a roll big enough to officially consider going pro next year, if not, it's find a job time!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Back to Blighty

After 2 and a half months travelling in Spain and Morocco it's time to head home. I am flying back to London tomorrow to stay with a friend and maybe hit a few casinos with my m8 Vince before heading back to Newcaastle.

Although I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family back home it won't be for long as I will be goin to Australia on November 2nd. All in all the trip has been a success, and has whetted my appatite for more travelling. My favourite part as probably been Marrakech along with the myriad of crazy people we've met along the way!

As for poker I havn't played a great deal since my last win, however I have dabbled with a bit of 50NL and 100NL 6max cash... I made $200 but got very bored in the process. So despite it's convienience (v.handy when travelling) I will soon be back to the MTT's.