Friday, 20 August 2010

Spain Part 1

We have only been here for a week and a half but it has been eventful! We arrived in Malaga on Wednesday at 8pm local time. A friend of mine who lives in Malaga picked us up and took us to a hostel. After seeing Malaga from a vantage point (beautiful!) we went for Tapas and drinks.

The next day we walked around the centre and had our introduction to Spain which included heat and the language barrier. This was swiftly followed though by an evening swimming in the sea and enjoying a beach bbq with some very friendly Spanish people.

The following morning it was time to move on and begin ourr WWOOFING experience up in the mountains. It took an entire day to travel there via 2 trains and lots of waiting but on arrival we were met by a friendly Belgian man named Phillip who drove us tot he farm. After days travel an early n ight was in order.

In the morning we began work. The job we were given was to shave the bark off of 30-40 logs using spades, 6y days on we are half way through. Most days have consisted of waking up at 7am and doing this job until midday when it becomes too hot. At this point we sleep, swim, eat, play games with the kids etc. until it cools down in the evening.

Some of the best points about the farm are (in no order):

1) The view over the valley
2) The pool
3) The Charecters
4) Cats and dogs (many)

Today we have a day off as we have worked 6 days straight so we are relaxing by playing games until it cools down and we can go for a walk, possibly to the river at the bottom of the valley.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

'Liars Dice' (Drinking version)

I have been playing various games with mates recently including: 'Risk' 'Gin Rummy' and 'Liars Dice'. One of the most fun games we played though was a home made adaptation of Liars Dice into a drinking game. 5 of us had a mint time playing this game last night so I thought I share it with you. Be warned though, if you're a bit of liteweight like me then you can easilly end up drinking half a bottle of Whiskey to yourself in an hour or so = messy! :s


The rules for Liars Dice that we used are pretty simple. We started with 5 players (any amount works), each of us getting 5 dice. All players roll their dice at once but conceal the dice they roll.

After choosing who goes first at random, the first player then makes a 'bid'. For example if 2 of his concealed dice are 3's then he might guess that there are 3 or more 3's on the whole table combined (including his). The next player then has 3 options:

1) Bid that there are 3 or more 4's, 5's or 6's
2) Bid that there are 4 or more of any face value (or any number above this)
3) Call the previous bidder a 'Liar'

Play goes on with players upping their bids until a liar is called. At that point the player who is wrong in this dispute must discard a die. After a player has lost all 5 dice he/she is out!


Now the fun part. With 5 players we used thefollowing rules which can easiily be adjusted for different circumstances:

1st out - rolls 2x6 sided dice and drinks the number of shots they roll

2nd out - rolls a 10 sided die and drinks the number of shots they roll

3rd out - rolls 2x4 sided dice and drinks the number of shots they roll

2nd place - rolls one 6 sided die and drinks...

1st place - rolls one 4 sided die and drinks...

One final rule we added to this was that before downing each shot the drinker gets to roll a 6 sided die and if they roll a 6 they get to nominate someone else to drink that shot.

1 bottle lasted us 2 games but a second bottle is always handy ;)