Sunday, 1 October 2017

I'm on TV

Yo! I'm on Twitch.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Americas Card Room and Bitcoin

I am in Australia right now and as of September 11th 2017 Pokerstars is no longer operating here. There is hope that this will change but for now the best online Poker option I can see seems to be Americas Card Room (ACR) on the Winning network.

I have just made my first deposit in Bitcoin and this is roughly what it cost me to do:

7% commision
+ 10% GST on commision

= 7.7%

So if I estimate the rake on the tournaments I play as 10% then I need a 17.7% ROI to be a breakeven player. Considering Sharkscope has my ROI on Stars at 50% over a sample of 6,000 games with an ABI of $20 I am not too worried but a lower commision method of buying Bitcoin will obviously help! It's worth pointing out I don't know what I'll be charged when I withdraw and sell my Bitcoin yet and I also have not factored in exchange rates which fluctuate unpredictably imho.

Pokerstars please come back to Oz!

Friday, 8 September 2017

First ever bounty tournament win!

I won the $27 turbo 6 max progressive Knockout outright for $2.2k including bounties besting a field of 568 players! The difference between 1st and 2nd in a PKO tournament is massive due to fact that you win your own bounty if you win as well so I'm super chuffed to win this one. A key hand Heads Up happened when I got AQo in against JJ preflop and scooped the pot for a 4:1 chip lead. NICE.  

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Five Figure Shippage

Just a quick post to announce my first ever five figure score! I finished 2nd out of 5,409 players in the Big $22 $80k GTD for $10,257.28. Well chuffed, despite being owned in the second half of the heads up battle, with this win :-D But how should I celebrate?

Friday, 12 May 2017

On a heater

I chopped the Big $44 25k GTD on Pokerstars this morning for $4k heads up. The tournament had 730 runners and a prizepool of $29,200. Coming onto the Final Table as the short stack I did not fancy my chances too much. David Vamplew was the runnaway chip leader and set about opening every pot he could only to have to fold to multiple rejams once it became clear what he was doing. I doubled through him more than once including a pot for the chiplead where my AKs beat his 99 AIPF and his bust hand where he open limped A7o in the SB and I shoved 20bbs with 33 which won.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

He's Back!!!

It's been a long time coming... I haven't had a 4 figure score in years (partially due to not playing a lot) but my second biggest ever makes up for it :) Today I finished 4th out of 10,000+ runners in a SCOOP $5 rebuy event for $8k. Of course I wanted that bracelet but I played my best game and thoroughly enjoyed this tourney which ran over 2 days. The final hand for me saw my ATo lose to AKo AIPF but I can't say I wasn't lucky throughout this monster of a field. A special shoutout to Darren Knaggs who railed me on the FT after busting somewhere in the top 100 finishers on day 2. BOOOYAKASHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time to crush!

I've quit my job, after working for 6 months as a 'Consultant Electrical Engineer'. I handed in my notice on the last day of my probation period so I could give one weeks notice rather than 4, tbh I was that desperate to get outta there! It was a pretty tough decision as my life roll is low and my bankroll non-existent (i'm staked atm) but for various reasons I felt it had to be done.

I have about enough of a life roll to survive on til the end of the year, and if I haven't banked any profit from playing low-mid stakes mtt's for my backer by then I will be looking for another job. So not the best of circumstances under which to 'go pro' obviously but that's the way it's presented itself and I see it as an opportunity rather than anything else.

I knew early on in the job that I could either be a very good engineer or a very good poker player and that if I tried to be both I would likely be a mediocre version of both (or have no life at all!). So I knew I had to choose.

You might ask why didn't I stick at the job until I'd built up a bigger life roll through saving wages and or poker. I considered that but I didn't choose to because basically I couldn't hack it any longer, the combination of working 37.5 hrs a week in front of a screen doing mentally challenging things at work and then spending 20+ hrs a week doing the same at home playing mtt's til the early hrs was becoming increasingly unhealthy and the two were affecting each other negatively. My work was suffering as I dragged myself in after late nights playing mtts and my game was suffering as I was tilting easier and blowing off steam when I came in from work. In recent weeks I had decided to keep my sessions to the weekends but that tilted me more, because I was having no social life at all!

Despite all this I've managed to turn a profit of around $3k (b4 split) in my staking deal which has been going for 2 months now. Which is a decent start but I feel I can do a lot better under different circumstances and with more volume. So at the end of the day I decided although not the best timing it was right for me to leave the job a.s.a.p. to concentrate on poker full-time. What will I do if I run out of life funds and the results don't come, we'll see... but whilst I hope it doesn't come to that I am not averse to working in any job I can find, if I have to.

That's my jacking in a good job justification rant over! In other news I'm in Ireland, near Cork, atm with my Aussie family who are over for a visit. Just arrived today but it's been nice catching up with them so far :) They've been trying to persuade me to move back over to Oz and I'm considering it but I need to think about it carefully first. Future blog posts about that decision I'm sure.

For now I'm gunna enjoy a week away from the tables to reset my body clock a bit and enjoy spending time with the 'rellies'. When I get back it'll be time to crush!