Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Where's my head at?

I'm now 1 month into my new job and tbh I'm not sure whether it's workin out 4 me yet. Working as a 'consultant engineer' is very different to any job I've done b4 with the main difference being the level of professionalism required. Rockin up half cut or tired from a night spent online chasing 5 figure scores is just not acceptable and sumthin I just can't pull off.

It's got 2 major things goin for it tho that I wouldn't get in any other job and that's a decent salary (low varience 2) and it's the start of a career path. However these 2 things aren't necessarily what I'm after just now. Because last year I made a similar amount playing mtt's at fairly low volume compared to most pros. Secondly I'm really not sure if I'm ready for this career path thing. But that's another issue.

Other than that life's ok, I've been cycling to work and in general the structure is doing me good, as is having a garunteed amount of money in my account each month tbh.

What about poker though??? Well, I don't think I'm playing my best just now. I was reflecting last night on this after busting a 250 man $55f in 18th when I called a reg's 1.5x pot overshove on the turn with 2nd pair, 3rd kicker - he had top 2 btw. I came to the conclusion I'm suffering from self inflicted burn out. It's not so much that I've been playing daft amounts of volume or even running bad, it's basically because I've been neglecting other things and as such I'm blaming poker rather than myself.

I forsee this continuing for awhile and my play being affected too, so I need some kind of damage limitation measures in place:

1. Be aware of this attitude and it's causes.
2. Make time for the things I've neglected e.g. fitness + enjoyin the nice weather.
3. Set a monthly stop loss limit for poker from wages. To prevent any tilt snowball effects.
4. Consider giving online a break and playing solely live in preperation for UKIPT Newcastle.

In terms of number 2 I'm seeing a personal trainer on Thursday for an introductory session. If that goes well I will make the +ev investment of employing him for 6 weeks to kick start me getting back into the gym & eating right etc.

As for 3 & 4 I'm seriously considering setting a £200 stop loss per week for playing live cash games and giving online a rest. The idea would be to play £50NL a few nights a week, more on whether I decide to do this later.

Anyways I think I've made your ears bleed enuf for now if u've got this far!!! Thanks for listening and as ever your opinions are appreciated. see you on the tables soon! GL :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Yesterday was the the NPF 3rd Anniversary trny and awards. It was a very proud moment for me as I received the award for 'online player of the year' :)

As I discussed with 'Apokerlypse' after he received his award for 'live player of the year' recognition becomes more important in poker the more you detach yourself from the money. Peronally I almost take greater satisfaction from 'bragging' about my wins to a couple of trusted mates and the online poker community than the cash itself. Which is represented by numbers on a screen that never tell the full story as they're constantly changing.

Today I also played 17 mtt's staked by 'Stumpy' on the NPF. It was decent session lasting 8 hrs but despite cashing four times I didn't manage to break even, such is poker though :)

That's all for now, will post up when I have more to say. GL.