Sunday, 10 April 2011

Yesterday was the the NPF 3rd Anniversary trny and awards. It was a very proud moment for me as I received the award for 'online player of the year' :)

As I discussed with 'Apokerlypse' after he received his award for 'live player of the year' recognition becomes more important in poker the more you detach yourself from the money. Peronally I almost take greater satisfaction from 'bragging' about my wins to a couple of trusted mates and the online poker community than the cash itself. Which is represented by numbers on a screen that never tell the full story as they're constantly changing.

Today I also played 17 mtt's staked by 'Stumpy' on the NPF. It was decent session lasting 8 hrs but despite cashing four times I didn't manage to break even, such is poker though :)

That's all for now, will post up when I have more to say. GL.