Friday, 25 March 2011

So I havn't blogged for a while, why?

1) I got a job
2) I havn't had a 4 figure score since the last $3r chop
3) I'm lazy

Just as I was settling down to my first properly organised session after deciding to take a shot at 'going pro' I recieved an email from the Engineering consultancy I did my 1 year 'work placement with. 2 weeks later a recieve an offer to work for them as a 'Consultant Engineer'. So I decided to bite the bullet and take the job, putting poker firmlyon the back burner. Basically if I were to turn down such an offer I would be mental, so I took it.

Prior to starting I booked to go to Barcelona to see my friend who I went travelling with in Spain. He had stayed there when I headed to Oz and found a job as an Au-pair (looking after somones kid/s whilst living with the family). By the time I went to see him he was in his second job in a mansion with a very wealthy family. My week there was fun, seeing both the day and night life of Barca. We visited everything from Gaudi buildings to nightclubs & casinos.

Fast-forward to now and I've been working for 2 weeks. The job is interesting and varied and the people are friendly. As for poker, like i said it's on a back burner, MTT's are simply too time consuming to put in any decent volume whilst working 9-5. I've had a stab at 6-max cash but gotten my fingers burnt playing 15k hands of $25NL - $100NL. I need to do a lot of work i think to adjust my game to the many differences of this format.

I'll leave you with a fun hand I played last nite at Aspers (50p/50p blinds):

hero raises to £3.50 UTG with AA
4 players flat call

flop: K7K

Hero checks, check, check, bet £5, fold, hero calls, fold, fold.

on the turn: K7KK

Hero leads £10, call.

River: K7KK7

Hero leads £25...

the guy tanks for about 2 mins saying cant believe im gunna fold... then calls with: 77

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