Sunday, 21 November 2010

Update from Down Unda!

Time for a quick update from Down Under.

Weather: Sweet as fook! :D

Stars staking deal: Not so grand, roll is down to around $850 from a starting point of $1.5k. To be expected when playing large field MTT's but still not desireable ofc, for me or the backer.

Full Tilt: Been going deep on a regular basis, but not getting there :( Most notable results were 10th and 11th last week in 28k gtd and 18k gtd... not fun but encouraging none the less! Also just got my first staking deal on PTP, it's only $55 for playing 10 45 man $5.50 sng's but it's the first step in building a rep on that site. Playing these later on today followed by the Sunday grind :)

Other poker stuff: Joined Poker Study Groups which is a site that appears to have potential but a long way to go yet. Am also giving one of it's members a couple of sweat sessions. Poker Pwnage is continuing to stimulate my game :) I have a 6 month membership there and intend to make full use of it!

Oz: Been getting used to my dads powerboat which I'm goin fishing on soon :) Spending time with the family and eating/drinking well.

On a sombre note: One of my best friends mother's has just passed away, it's a very sad time for him and needless to say I wish I could be there for him. My Gran is also v.ill and I wish I could be there for her and the rest of my family. But we can't be everywhere at once and the dietance is huge. Love to all back home.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Backing Decisions

I recently made a decision to seek out a backer. The main reason for this is that after paying off my loan my roll is running low for the stakes I want to play and I need most of it for future living expenses anyways.

The first thing I did was post on the NPF a thread asking for peoples advice where to look for staking. 5 different people showed an interest in staking me almost immeadiately, this wasn't why I made the thread but was a welcome bonus.

Out of the 5 people interested I recieved 2 firm offers and chose to go with the best of these. This offer was a roll of $1.5k to play $22f's and below as well as $5r's and below. The backer asked for a 50/50 split of profits and I agreed.

I am very happy with this deal. I did seek to set up a second deal with another backer on Full Tilt but the best offer I recieved was $500 and 60/40 in backers favour. Upon some thought I decided to stick with one backer on Stars and use the last of my roll on Full Tilt.

I did want to switch to being backed in 100% of my games so I could use the remainder of my roll as a cushion to live on for a while incase varience doesn't swing my way. However the deal I was offered was exclusively on Stars and therefore I would need another on Full Tilt. I may yet look into this but in the meantime I will make a compromise.