Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Had my best result ever last night! Finished 4th in a 1,200 man $10 freezeout on Mansion poker fo $730. Just 2 days after coming 2nd in a $5 rebuy for $370. Needless to say the old graqph is looking a little better now :D Don't know what else to say really other than I ran like a god and played well, as is required for these huge tourneys. Big thanx to Chica for railing me 2! was a great help having a m8 by my side :)

The last hand was somewhat of a cooler, which I'm not bitter about. There were 4 players left and I picked up JJ on the button, early position folded. I made a smallish raise hoping to induce a re-steal and my opponent in the BB shoved. I insta-call and he flips over KK!!! Brutal! But tbh I was just happy to go out on a hand I could feel happy about rather than something that was gunna haunt me 4 ages lol.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Came 2nd in a $5 rebuy 2day out of 173 players for $370 :D

This has done wonders to mitigate this months downswing. In other news:

  • Came second in a GUKPT sattelite for the $100 game and negotiated for 30% of the winnings should the player (McKinney from NPF) cash.
  • Signed up to SNG Grinders training site for 3 months (only $45).
  • Got offered some online sweat sessions by Karl Mahrenholz for free!
So things goin pretty sweet poker wise. Had a good weekend 2 as I went clay pigeon shooting on Saturday. Despite the fact I was shit (came last out of males) I really enjoyed it, especially the game BBQ afterwards :D

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MTT or STT SNG's??

Hello, just another short post reflecting on some stats :) I dug the above graph out from my old Sharkscope reults. It shows my results (profit and ROI) on the Y-axis and the no. of entrants into that SNG on the x-axis. As you can see my results for 18 man SNG's were much better ($400 profit and 40% ROI) than my results for 9 man SNG's ($75 profit and 15% ROI) whilst both were over a sample of around 200 games.

What does this mean? Well I fear the sample size is too small to draw any major conclusions but it has got me wondering! Am I significantly better at 2 table SNG's than 1 table SNG's and if so why??? I know they're recognised as softer and also that the more entrants the higher the achievable ROI perhaps that explains it... Combined with the small sample size I think I may have as best an answer as I can come up with at this stage. In the meantime I will continue to play a combination of 10 man and 30 man SNG's on mansion to see what I do best in.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I was intending on only updating my bankroll supply progress on a monthly basis but I've just hit a 'terrible' downswing and thought it was a good time to take stock. As you can see from my
sharkscope graph above, I recentlty went on something like a 20-30 gagme losing streak! Someting I am not used to... especially at the $20 stakes.

However after a group training session with Paul Jackson and other SNG players for bankroll
suppply I made some much needed adjustments to my game. Combined with a stubbornly avoided move down in stakes back to the $10 games this saw my 'form' on sharkscope go from 'super tilt' to 'hot'. Unfortuneately this can only be seen on my graph as a short levelling out of a big downswing.

So it appears the rest of the month is gunna be damage limitation at the $10 level, trying to
claw back some of that nasty loss. On a brighter note though I ran deep in the $10 $4k GTD last
nite finishing 36th out of 500+ runners. At one stage I was 4th in stack sizes but it wasnt to be
this time. In the end I went out on QQ Vs AK all-in pre-flop.