Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Had my best result ever last night! Finished 4th in a 1,200 man $10 freezeout on Mansion poker fo $730. Just 2 days after coming 2nd in a $5 rebuy for $370. Needless to say the old graqph is looking a little better now :D Don't know what else to say really other than I ran like a god and played well, as is required for these huge tourneys. Big thanx to Chica for railing me 2! was a great help having a m8 by my side :)

The last hand was somewhat of a cooler, which I'm not bitter about. There were 4 players left and I picked up JJ on the button, early position folded. I made a smallish raise hoping to induce a re-steal and my opponent in the BB shoved. I insta-call and he flips over KK!!! Brutal! But tbh I was just happy to go out on a hand I could feel happy about rather than something that was gunna haunt me 4 ages lol.

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