Sunday, 17 May 2009

Came 2nd in a $5 rebuy 2day out of 173 players for $370 :D

This has done wonders to mitigate this months downswing. In other news:

  • Came second in a GUKPT sattelite for the $100 game and negotiated for 30% of the winnings should the player (McKinney from NPF) cash.
  • Signed up to SNG Grinders training site for 3 months (only $45).
  • Got offered some online sweat sessions by Karl Mahrenholz for free!
So things goin pretty sweet poker wise. Had a good weekend 2 as I went clay pigeon shooting on Saturday. Despite the fact I was shit (came last out of males) I really enjoyed it, especially the game BBQ afterwards :D

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