Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MTT or STT SNG's??

Hello, just another short post reflecting on some stats :) I dug the above graph out from my old Sharkscope reults. It shows my results (profit and ROI) on the Y-axis and the no. of entrants into that SNG on the x-axis. As you can see my results for 18 man SNG's were much better ($400 profit and 40% ROI) than my results for 9 man SNG's ($75 profit and 15% ROI) whilst both were over a sample of around 200 games.

What does this mean? Well I fear the sample size is too small to draw any major conclusions but it has got me wondering! Am I significantly better at 2 table SNG's than 1 table SNG's and if so why??? I know they're recognised as softer and also that the more entrants the higher the achievable ROI perhaps that explains it... Combined with the small sample size I think I may have as best an answer as I can come up with at this stage. In the meantime I will continue to play a combination of 10 man and 30 man SNG's on mansion to see what I do best in.

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