Friday, 4 February 2011

100th Post: 3 Month Plan

I have now moved into my new flat with a friend and I'm planning to get into some better lifestyle habbits. So even if the attempt at 'going pro' on a limited BR falls thru some important life changes will have been implemented. Here's the 3 month plan:


Sunday - Thursday (Register from 1pm-4pm)


Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (before I start a session)

Cycle to the gym

Healthy eating

Light breakfast b4 exercise

Lunch - cook healthy substantial meal

Dinner - Have healthy snacks for when working late + leftovers from lunchtime

This is my initial plan but it is flexible so long as I maintain a healthy lifestyle and reasnable working hours. This lifestlye change is long overdue tbh and I'm determined to make it happen over the next 3 months. Hopefully it might even improve my poker 2!!!


  1. All the best... I'm keen to hear how you go.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes :) It looks like the 'goin pro' experiment might be ending b4 its begun though. My old emplyoer has got back to me and I may have a job in an Engineering consultancy soon, updates to follow :)