Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All Change

Hi all,

In the world of Pokerz:

• Online poker banned in USA - Although I feel sympathetic to the large amount of grinders out there who’ve had their livelihoods taken from them, a part of me is pleased to see those regs leave my tables. Selfish I know, but poker never was the most altruistic game.

There’s a lot of debate about whether this will make the games softer or not, but I don’t read too much into the speculation personally. As far as I’m concerned the key is to analyze the differences at the tables, not on the forums. That said, my feeling so far is the games are softer if you can adjust to the wilder European style. Regs also seem easier to identify (in MTT’s) because there’s a smaller pool of them now so you can remember who they are easier (not easy while playing low volume at low-mid stakes MTT’s where fields are large).

• NPF is no more – My local poker forum (Newcastle Poker Forum) recently closed it’s doors. I’ve been a member there for about 2 years now I think and have come to know many of the regular posters both online and in person. I also recently received their ‘online player of the year award’ something I was very proud to be presented with. I don’t understand the reasons behind it personally as I’m not one to keep up with internal politics but either way it’s a shame.

On the bright side a new forum has sprung up almost immeadiately called North East Poker Forum -

Despite all this I’ve been playing a bit more recently as I settle into the routine at work, I’m able to have a few late nights here and there playing mainly turbo MTT’s. No binks since I started the job over a month ago but a few near misses. I’m also completing a stake from a few players on the NPF to play 3 multi-entry MiniFTOPS events on consecutive Sundays. The stake amounted to $520 and allows me to play events: #1, #24 and the Main Event. So far I’ve played Event #1 and didn’t cash, in part thanks to losing a big pot with AK vs AQ AIPF near the bubble.

Will keep y’all updated with my MiniFTOPS results etc, GL!

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