Monday, 30 May 2011

Bet your all wondering if your gunna get nit-rolled here? Will 'dapperdan' Poulsen playin a £550 LIVE event?? Have they stopped holdin $26f's on tilt??


Official nit-roll:

To cut a long story short I've been thinking for some time about takin a live shot and what better oppurtunity than the UKIPT comin right to my doorstep?

So I've decided to prepare by playin as much live poker as possible b4 Thursday 16th June when I'll be playing day 1a. The things I want to focus on over the next cupl of weeks are mainly learning to judge peoples stack sizes without having to ask! As well as remembering what has gone into the pot before the action is back on me so I don't have to try and count it.

If I can get a handle on that and generally get a bit more comfortable in a live setting, I will feel ready to take on this 4 day marathon, the biggest BI trny I've ever played.

Watch this space for an update on how the prep is going and then twitter (see right >>) for live updates from 16th June 2pm. GL :)

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