Sunday, 19 June 2011

UKIPT day 2

After settling in at my first table and chipping up to 46k I was promptly moved to another. On the second hand I played I raised the button with K7o and was flatted by the SB. On a flop of Axx rainbow the SB donk lead into me for around 3/4 pot, which in my experience is usually weakness trying to prevent a c-bet. So I raise and he promptly sets me all-in... sigh insta-muck.

A couple of rounds after the blinds are up to 500/1000/100 and I have 28k. I pick up AKs in ep and raise to 2.3x, a young player who seems pretty aggro pre 3-bets me from MP. It folds to me and he has about 18bbs behind so I realise he isn't folding and know it's going in - I shove and he calls off with TT, no help. My last 3bbs goes in with KQo vs A3o and again no help, so I'm sent to the rail within 2hrs of day 2.

Thanks to all my backers and well played to all those who made the money from the NPF.

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