Sunday, 6 September 2009

Day 7 - One more

My bus was at an inconvienient time so I decided to stay one more day. After checking out at 11am I headed for the strip with a couple of other english travellers. After basking in the oppulance of Ceaser's palace shopping mall for awhile and generally wondering around I decidded to give the Bellagio 1/2 game one more shot. I sat down with $100 at 5pm and played til 11pm using my usual TAG style. This payed off nicelly as I finished $260 in profit for the night. This would've been more if I didn't have to lay down 2 pair to a straight with 789 on the board. He showed me JT and I was happy to only lose $100 in the hand :)

I'm back at the hostel now waiting for my 6am bus to the Grand Canyon. Gary the chef has just told me his dad gave Jimmi Hendrix his first gig!!! He showed me his dad's book too with the front cover showing the pair together, amazing! My battery is running out now so I have to go... Mite not blog for awhile because my charger adaptor is boken. See you all soon!


  1. enjoyed following your trip and hope you enjoyed it out there, cant wait to try it myself. safe journey home.

  2. very nice blog,enjoyed reading about your experiences and have gained a few tips about where to go and not to go when i eventually get there.NICE1