Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 3 - Another Final Table

The run continues. As my budget has now significantly increased I decided to play the Venetian $120 tournament (80 runners) that's mentioned a lot on the net. I wasn't as impressed with the structure as I'd hoped and the competition was quite good. Despite this I managed to final table again. I reached the final table of 10 ppl with a short stack and only 9 spots paying so things were looking ominous... until I picked up AA UTG and shoved. I got 2 unlucky callers 99 and QQ and my Aces held as I hit an Ace high flush weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Unfortuneately the payout was very top heavy and my stack dwindled as the blinds rose so with 6 players left I was forced to shove from the button with A2o only to be called by TT in the SB. No improvememnt and out I went for $473 (profit of $353). 1st place would've been $2.5k! But I can't sniff at a 3rd day in profit :D

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