Saturday, 5 September 2009

Day 5 - Tired

The day started lazily lying round the pool and contemplating buying tickets for a show, but after awhile we decided it was too hot to go into town for them. In the evening we headed for the strip to see some sites (me and 3 others from the hostel). We managed to cover a lot of ground over the course of the night seeing many of the hotels from Planet Hollywood to MGM, The Bellagio (including the fountains which were beautiful) and Luxor.

Six hours later tired and with sore feet I sat down at the Ceaser's 1/3 cash game with $100. As it was labour day wknd (bank holiday) the tables were teaming with fishy players. So I decided to buyin for 300 after awhile only for the fish to disapear as over agressive sharks swam in. This should've been my que to leave but as ever I stubbornly remained seated. After 6 hours of play I waas down $200 which wasn't too bad considering I lost most of it to the fish with legitamate hands. Exhausted (5am by now) I stood up and left greatful for the experience of the hours that I played with the good players.

As it was still dark I decided to hang around and play one more game at the Flamingo (much softer) where I bought in for $100. I ended up playing QQ badly as I was goaded into an all-in move by a v.poor player who I had beat... except the classic error in this situation - there was another player to my left (with 2 pair) woops! Oh well still $1k up for the trip and a little wiser (I hope).

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