Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Day 2 - Even Better :-)))

I had a restful day on day 2 with a plan to hit the tables in the evening instead today in the hope of finding some looser players. After this initial good poker decision I followed it up with a less sound one (in profit terms) and chose to play at the Bellagio. For the first few hours this looked to be a bad decision, but one I was willing to pay for. The players were although not brilliant (obviously it was 1/2) much better than what I'm used to and as a result I was nervous.

After a couple of hours and a good fold later (top pair to a concealed straight) I was down to $25 and low and behold my patients with a short stack paid off as I flopped the nut flush whilst unsuspectingly sitting in the BB :D My comeback began! As the hours passed the table changed from the players mentioned above to a much softer mix by which time I had worked my way up to $400 by calling a LAG's all-in on the river with my top pair, there were straight and flush draws out but he mucked, he was so LAGGY he coulda had anything.

Three other hands I can remember were getting it all-in pre-flop with KK against AQ and hitting quads :D Then losing another $300 pre-flop all-in to the same player with AKo against his AA (big mistake by me and very wishful thinking). Basically I played the hand horribly. I raised from UTG and he min-raised me - ALARM BELLS - I'm the tightest player on the table and he does that?!?!?!? So I decide to 3-bet :S Thinkin he'll put me on AA or KK... could be worse but there's more. He does a hollywood sigh, rubs face etc. and then 'thinks' b4 shoving! the pot is now $160ish + $180 more so I'm getting 2:1. Hmmmm, my reads all say fold but somehow I talk myself into calling thinking/hoping he has QQ or even JJ. Nope it was Aces. Epic blow up!

Oh well, I blame ego for that one and put it down to experience, luckily though along comes the next hand: 99 in the BB. Two or 3 limpers as usual so I raise it big to $17. One caller and the flop comes 3 hearts with a 9 :D I'm saved I was thinking - any bet I make here looks tilty and also my last hand shows I can be aggressive. But I feel he will bet if I check so I do, he obliges and I raise looking super tilty now! He shoves and I call... No hearts on turn or river and he mucks, overpair or flush draw I suppose? Anyways that's me back up to $700 and I finish the night on $750 ($650 profit) after 8 hrs of play. Nobody shows to play in Bobby's room unfortuneately but it's time 4 bed. $1k profit in 2 days, GET IN!!!!!!!!!

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