Monday, 6 April 2009

Virgin Festival

This is the hand that I busted out on in the Virgin Festival (not a bad beat story i promise!):

I'm in the BB and a fairly new player at the table is on the button, he min raises. My only read on him is that he is probably tight due to something he has said. He doesn't know I've been playing tight because he is new. I have 83o and elect to call reasoning that I don't want him to believe he can steal my blind that easily. I'm not v.happy with this part of my play due to my read and position.

We see a flop heads up though, I have about 6000 chips and the blinnds are 150/300 and are going up soon to 200/400. The flop is AQ7 rainbow i think and he checks, I check behind. The river is a brick but brings a second club and he checks again so I take a stab at the pot and bet 1000 (into a pot of 1350) he calls. The river is a 3rd club and makes a gutshot straight on the board, however I have nothing. He checks again and I think for awhile before moving all-in for another 4000+.

My reaoning behind this was as follows: The pot was now 3350 about 3/4 of my stack and I was soon going to be down about 10 BB due to the immenent blind increase. I sensed that he didnt like the texture of the board and had checked for that reason. So I decided to represent the flush or straight. In the heat of the moment I neglected to put him on a range of hands but his checks on all streets had indicated to me he was not confident in his hand. Therefore I made a move... Unfortuneately he read my nervous demeanor and after deliberating for a long time and repeating to himself 'you've got shit' lol called with trip A's :(

I believe my my mistakes in this hand were as follows: calling the min-raise pre-flop (I've been reading Gus Hansen's 'Every Hand Revealed' lol) and making a bluff that I could not maintain my composure afterwards sufficiently... probably due to playing priimarily on the net. Also of course not taking the time to put him on a range of hands was a crucial error!

The good news is afterwards I won a STT that was a sattelite into another tourney the next day and then came 4th out of 16 in that which paid about £150, a slight consolation :)

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