Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mini-FTOPS and other stuff

Managed to secure a $329 7 event Mini-FTOPS stake, playing these events:

Event #1 Wednesday Dec 08 21:00 ET
$20 + $2 NL Hold'em $250k GTD

Event #10 Saturday Dec 11 17:00 ET
$20 + $2 NL Hold'em Turbo $150k GTD

Event #11 Sunday Dec 12 13:00 ET
$12 + $1 NL Hold'em Knockout $250k GTD

Event #13 Sunday Dec 12 17:00 ET
$30 + $3 NL Hold'em $450k GTD

Event #16 Monday Dec 13 21:00 ET
$100 + $9 NL Hold'em $300k GTD

Event #19 Tuesday Dec 14 21:00 ET
$50 + $5 NL Hold'em 4xShootout $125k GTD

Main Event Sunday Dec 19 17:00 ET
$70 + $5 NL Hold'em $1M GTD

First I tried to get the stake on 'Part Time Poker' and failed due to having no rep and also because there's been a lot of high profile grims on there lately. So I posted on NPF with the same deal (75/25 in backers favour no MU) and it was snapped up immeadiately.

There are 6 stakers with various percentages of me. Looking forward to this series and have picked only events I feel I have a significant edge in i.e. no 6max, turbo, HU etc.

December is a make or brake month for me in the sense that I need to do well in order to consider going pro next year. Otherwise it'll be time to bite the bullet and find work. Obv if I do get a job then I will continue to play, but a serious MTT schedule and a full time job do not mix well if at all!

In other news: I've had great week away on Rottnest Island, just off Perth Western Australia. It's a nice place with loadsa beaches and not many cars etc. So I've been fishing, snorkelling etc. and generally taking a break from poker to get the downswing out of my system. But I'm ready to get back to the tables now! :)

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