Friday, 3 December 2010

Just a quick post to say...



  1. weeeeeeeeeee!

    also, I note you have a link to on your blog. Good lad! You should come to Gib and I'll give you the office tour ;)


  2. N1 :) Take it you work there?

    I signed up but unfortunately I only play on Stars and tilt atm meaning I can't earn points, 2 unlock vids :( So gettin my vids from 'Poker Pwnage' atm.

    If the BR ever allows, I'll let ya know! Cheers m8 :)

  3. Hi dapper KQ4EVA here from NPF, follow u and a few of the guys blogs, and u may have seen on npf I am a dobba now so have option and will be making a few blog posts too.

    I think we have a few things in common, ambition to treat poker as our main income source, also some shared experience of PTP, staking amongst other things - happy to talk poker sometime - PM me on the forum - congrats on the good bink to start dec.