Friday, 30 January 2009

Virgin Festival Seat

Won a seat to the Virgin Poker Festival held at Aspers in April last night! ( The poker gods were looking down on me as I shoved all in with T9s from ealy position on the final table only to see the BB call with AA... Strangely I fancied my chances of a suckout tho and sure enough two pair hit on the flop. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! In my defence (I was called a donk for this move) I had an M of 3.5 and the blinds were about to hit me so I thought it was time to move. Also people were tightening up as we neared the bubble, about 8 left at this point, so I reckoned a shove from UTG+1 was unllikely to be called. Very pleased to get a seat as this was my last attempt! :D


  1. weeeeeeeeeee well done

    all qualifiers get lucky at least once in winning their seat mate

    cya there

  2. Thanx roscopiko, I've never played an event like this (deep stacked, 2 day) it sould be a gr8 experience! :)