Thursday, 22 January 2009


Just to get the ball rolling I thought I'd give a bit of history about me and my short poker career. I'm 24 years old and currently studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering at Northumbria university, so basically I'm a soap professional dodger.

I started playing poker a couple of years ago when friends decided to have a few home games for £5 or so. This got me hooked and as a result I later opened an account on Pokerstars. Part of my inspiration to do this was that a friend of mine, who was already a pro at this point, seemed to be making a good living form online poker. Right from the beginning he gave me the most crucial piece of advice a beginner can have: "Start small and don't move up til you've built a bankroll that allows it". Standard advice I know but he really impressed this upon me and until recently I have been religous aabout this.

So I started with $1 and $2 SNG's of varying size and was a losing player for a long time, obviously this didnt matter at thesse limits tho. However, gradually I began to level this out until I became break even and eventually started turning a small profit :) At this point I got more interested in poker and started reading about it online and in books. Unfortuneately to date I've only read 3 books (Harrington Vol 1, SNG strategy and a limit poker book) but I plan to change this.

To cut an already long story short I then moved up to $5 nad $10 SNG's on Full Tilt. At last check on the OPR website my ROI was 20% over 500 games :)

My biggest successes to date though are at Aspers casino where I have played about 10 times and reached 4 final tables. On two these I came first although on one of those we split the money four ways. I am very proud of both of these wins as I never considered myself much of a live player before however I will now play live much more often!

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