Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Are rules 4 breakin?

As I'm in London this week I decided to meet an old friend and play a bit of £1/£2 cash at the Empire Casino in Leister Square. I started well, by more than doubling my £50 buy-in with KK. I then played KQ a bit badly but rivered a Q to take me up to £200. Soon enuf I had £250 asnd was feeling very comfortable with the table.

As the night wore on though my recent lack of sleep began to tell and my play suffered as it always does. This combined with some horrible beats (won't go into those) meant I had to rebuy for another £50. More beats ensued and tilt/tiredness combined so that I finished the session at 6am down £200. Being down £200 is not a huge problem atm, but not stopping when I knew I was too tired to play is. Some rules were just not meant to be broken!

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