Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nice weeeee Score :)

I played a lot of $3.30 rebuy 180 man turbo SNG's in the past couple of days. This was the best of 3 final tables (2nd if you cant see the image). The other two were 4th and 8th. I was pretty chuffed to finish 2nd in this one, although £200 is not a massive score I feel I've been playing really well in these soft fields, exploiting the rebuy fish to the max :D

I feel that small buy-in rebuy tourneys up to $10 are some of the softest games out there. I really like getting the oppurtunity to regulary build a massive stack within the 1st hour of a tourney which gives you the chance to exploit weak players from there on in. Obviously gambling early has it's downisdes e.g. I played in the same tourney 2 nights ago and was in for around $40 I think (in a $3 rebuy). Becuase I had a crazy guy on my left who went all-in pre every hand! Everyone else had folded and I kept getting hands like KJ and A6, so I went in ahead almost every time and lost... c'est la vie! The 3 final tables though show that it's worth it to take some marginally +EV gambles early though imo.

EDIT: Just won 2 tourney seats aswell :D Sunday Million and daily $90k worth $270 in total. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

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