Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Decisions, decisions... Vegas or Bankroll???


My recent win from which I have managed to save about $1.6k has left me with a decision to make: how to spend it :D

Basically I have narrowed it down to 2 sensible options:

1) Go to Vegas with 'Newcastle Poker Forum' gang during the WSOP or (I will have another $1k by then so $2.6k total)

2) Save it to use as the bankroll I've always wanted for online MTT's (when I graduate in June)

I'm torn between the two at the moment. Basically the trip to Vegas is a great oppurtunity as the NPF lads are renting a house, which would save a lot of money. Plus it's an oppurtunity to experience Vegas with a bunch of other poker players (last time was on my own). Plus it's during the WSOP!!! The only cons are I'd be on a budget (only $1k to spend over 2 weeks including buy-ins) and that I've been before so perhaps I should wait to go again until I'm not on a budget.

Option 2 however has it's own allure. Basically instead of pissing about hoying $20-$100 on now and then onto various sites and trying to guess if I'm a winning player overall, I could do it properly! I'm sure I could raise $400 to make it up to $2k which is a perfect figure for $10-$20 MTT's given that I'm not going Pro. TBH the reason (and this is very honest for me lol) I've never kept a decent online bankroll is because when I've had over $1k online I get scared and spend it on something concrete (and usually unecessary e.g. bike or TV).

What would you do??? Comments appreciated.


  1. Yo Will. My advice FWIW is have a word with majority of NPF & see how much cash their taking out to LV, $1600 is really a tight budget & although their are a bunch of things out their you can do cheap you'll struggle to even sit at 200NL on that tight a budget infact after you've paid for your flights & accomdation their's going to be almost none left. I'd say use it as an online BR for the time-being & if you manage to spin it up to approximately $5000-$7000 (which is easily possible with the variance of $20 MTT's) then withdraw & treat yourself to Las Vegas. Nothing wrong with going to Vegas on a budget, many do & have a great time but what I'm saying is it wouldn't be very astute to go on a budget if everybody else you were their with had a bunch of cash & you were restricted in what you could do with them because of cash. Sure you'll make the right decision, hope this helps. Good luck, Daniel.

  2. Thanx Daniel, I neglected to say I will have another $1000 making $2.6k (I will edit the post). So $1000 for flights, $600 for accom leaving only $1000 spending money for 2 weeks... so still a mega tight budget.

    On my own I wouldn't mind this but I will take on board your advice about being with others who have more cash.

    As for building the roll before I go, I would love to but can't as I'm in the last part of my final year at uni so don't have time.

    So the decision is go on a budget or wait for a better oppurtunity. Atm I'm leaning towards the latter.

  3. Bankroll it mate, vegas will still be there in 1/5/10 years and you might just be able to go on profits every years from now if you do the sensible thing now.

  4. Thanx Rosco, very much appreciate that advice.