Wednesday, 25 March 2009

(Vince) Argh Poker Clash

Introducing: Vince Bell

Vince is a good friend of mine who loves this game probably more than I do, although I haven't played with him a lot I respect his play a great deal from the hand examples he sends me and the results I know he's had (see the photo of the £20 freezeout results at the bottom of the page, he's in second - for the record we split the pot so it was on a technicality!)

Writing a blog is a bit hard by youself so I decided to invite a friend to contribute as well. So without further ado here's his first post:

This Thursday the Royal Holloway Series of Poker was taking place and because I have no money I wasn't going to take part. My friend Sam whined at me for 20mins and gave me the money to buy in and I held out until the last minute then thought I'm addicted to poke so why not lol.

The tournament was a £30 freezeout which is continuing this Thursday night there were 27 runners an 12 remain sharing 1.35M chips. Obviously because I didn't want to play in the first place I dominated the first session wiping out player after player with hands like J3hearts against KJo hitting the flop J83 and my favourite hand AJclubs.I'm second last to act and raise 4.5BB with 2 limpers the button and the blinds to get past, I get called by all but the SB. The Flop Ks Qs 4h checked all the way around. The Turn 2d BB bets 1/3pot fold fold hmmm, I call button folds. The player betting is Jake, aggressive at times. The River Js, Board Ks Qs 4h 2d Js, Jake thinks and goes all in for just under pot... My gut instinct is call but my brains going "are you mad?!", I think and call whilst saying "this is either genius or just plain stupid" I wait for him to show he turns over 66, relief and quite a large pot to start my rampage up to 337,500 just under 25% of the chips with only 12 players left =).Now here's the other thing...

I have just been invited to play in the Invitational Freeroll Qulifier. 10 players are invited only and the top 2 enter the Invitational Freeroll which is only offered to the top 35 players of February and the Director of the company. It's a 110euro buy in with 2000euro added so the prize will range from 2300 to 5600 euro depending how many play (theres a 200euro bounty on the director too lol), this is also on on Thursday night =S

So I have a big day on Thursday and I have to get up to do a 7hr laboratory session before the games =S

Lets just hope I remember to have my Weetabix!


  1. Nice call! I rarely have the courage to make calls like that, especially online where u don't have a 'feel' ofr the situation.

    That thing sounds sweet! Could u elaborate more tho, because i'm a bit confused, e.g. u said it's a freeroll but it costs 100 euros? Also how many runners?

    Finally feel free to post about non-poker stuff 2 e.g. an introduction about yourself...

  2. p.s. click on the bankroll supply picture at the top and check it out!