Monday, 9 February 2009

After reading a post on a forum where someone suggested that stars $2.20 180 man turbos were a good way to build up a bankroll I have reconsidered my plan. Since I've been having a bad run on the single table SNG's and frankly I'm getting bored of them anyways I thought I'd try out this idea I read. Hopefully this will also quench my thirst for MTT's and prevent me from blowing my bankroll that way.
I've started with $150 so that's about 69 SNG's. My experience so far is that these things are mental! When it starts everthing is normal but pretty quickly you're all-in every other hand and when your 4-tabling it can be pretty stressful! Think I'll stick to 3 tables for now, good luck me!


  1. Would recommend the $8 deepstack 90 man STTs. Way less variance than 180s, 12 paid and terrible standard.

    Or $4 180s (non turbo).

    Easy money, give them a try.

  2. Thanx, roscopiko. I think I will try them as I did find all the bad beats hard to handle tbh... Only problem is my bankroll :( suppose I'll just have to reload next month if it doesn't work out. Really appreciate the advice :)

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